Voting to Hold Candidates Accountable
Mayor Hameeduddin Discusses the Importance of This Election

Mohammed Hameeduddin

Primary elections in most states are wrapping up, and Election Day is quickly approaching. Defining the issues that are important to each of us as an individuals is the first step in deciding who to vote for.  Elections at the State and County levels are where the greatest impact can be made and your vote is your voice. Shawna Vercher, Executive Producer at Blue Reine, interviewed Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin, Teaneck NJ, on the importance of the voice of the people during an election.

“The power of the people is always greater than the people in power,” Hameeduddin stated.  “Decisions are going to be made, the only question is are you going to be part of the process to pick out and hold accountable the person that makes those decisions.”

The interview covered topics such as, fractures in the system, income inequality and the need for a balance of different points of view within a governing body.

Listen as Shawna and Mayor Hameedudin discuss what a voter should look for when selecting a candidate, party affiliation and media sensationalism.

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