There Will Be No Black Box Statement
From the Reine Media Team

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Mohammed Hameeduddin

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to grab the attention of community and industry leaders, the Blue Reine parent company Reine Media has worked to develop a plan on how to address the issues raised in a meaningful way. Executive Producer Shawna Vercher shared the team’s thoughts and action plans in a piece penned for Medium

“I don’t have THE answer,” writes Shawna. “I don’t know what will make it better. I just know that we can’t sit back and do nothing.” She then detailed a starting framework of policy changes the social justice media company would be implementing.

One of the changes she outlined was a thorough screening process for candidates who would be highlighted on the platform. “Starting today no candidate can be interviewed or profiled on our Blue Reine channel without first passing a five-question quiz to affirm they are appropriately aligned with the belief that Black Lives Matter. I’ll work with an outside organization to build the questions and publish the quiz for review and accountability. (HINT: If you answer anything with “There are very fine people on both sides,” or “All lives matter,” you are WRONG.)”

The article covered Shawna’s thoughts as a political strategist on what we are all witnessing, as well as outlined steps for multiple Reine Media channels. 

To read the full statement visit Medium: “There Will Be No Black Box Statement From Our Organization“.

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