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Blue Reine™ is a multi-media social justice platform focused on how to engage, educate, and empower people to get more involved in their Democracy. We work with successful advocates and organizations to increase voter participation and to help our audience learn how to grow the advocacy movements they are passionate about within their own communities.

Our organization is run by – and actively partners with – activists and community leaders. All of our content will have three key components: a compelling story, a common link to illustrate why people should care about what is happening, and a call to action so that anyone can get involved to make a positive difference.

Current Projects

Currently Blue Reine is focused on the VOTE 20/20 Initiative, a project to help connect candidates with voters via our platform, provide information and strategies to increase safe voter participation in November, and amplify the voices of organizations and individuals doing amazing work so that they can increase their support and resources.

Candidates running for office can add their information – at no cost – to our national Candidate Center and also have an opportunity to amplify their message to reach thousands of voters, donors, and volunteers.

Businesses and community groups who want to reach our engaged audience can support this effort to gain targeted, unique, and effective visibility through this initiative.

A Few Press Clippings

We have already gained the attention of millions of people worldwide.
Your campaign or group can be a part of the stories we share with them.

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