Running for Congress During a Pandemic
Liam O'Mara and Campaigning During COVID-19

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Candidate Liam OMara, PLACE Home Featured Bar 4, PLACE Posts Trending 3, Video | 0 comments

Sky U. White

As the pandemic continues, candidates running for election this November are being faced with the challenge of engaging the voting audience.  Virtual town hall meetings are being held, community game nights at Zoom parties are serving as Meet & Greets, and weekly topics of interest to the community are streamed to larger platforms.  Shawna Vercher, Executive Producer at Blue Reine, interviewed Dr. Liam O’Mara, Congressional Candidate for California’s District 42, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and his run for office.

“We do not have a sustainable economy for the way the population has been growing,” said O’Mara. “Economists are predicting that 42% of jobs that have been lost will never come back.”

The interview covered topics such as the adaptations being made to campaign during a pandemic, problems within the system that have been amplified because of COVID and the ways that people are stepping up to make changes in their communities.

Listen as Shawna and Liam discuss flaws in the healthcare system and inequality in wealth.

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