Leveraging the Moment for Progress
Shawna Vercher Joins The Perpetual Fight Podcast

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Mohammed Hameeduddin

,dProtests have continued for weeks globally calling for justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and far too many other Black voices that have been silenced. There has been a huge outcry for police reform and an increased dialogue about the Black Lives Matter movement. Shawna Vercher, the executive producer at Reine Media was invited to the Perpetual Fight Podcast to join a conversation with Terrance Biggs, a former Oakland Raider and NFL editor for Full Press Coverage, and Heather Wells.

Shawna discussed trying to create positive legislative change in a space where it feels like there is constant opposition. “Change is looking at what we can do to give a little bit so we can be more equitable and that idea of giving up something it not only is scary for people but you have awful forces like fox news, bots that are on social media, and fake doctored media stories to keep people afraid and keep people divided.”

She encouraged people to leverage the moment, while the movement has the attention of community leaders and the media, to make as many inroads as possible on reform. “Progress is a process and the fact that we are making any kind of progress at all, I’m gonna grab hold of it with any power I’ve got and squeeze as much reform as I can into this horrible tragic moment for Black voices to finally be heard.”

The interview covered topics such as racial injustice and the change that needs to happen for a more equitable America, state primaries and how candidates are reacting to these events, isolated incidents of police brutality, and many other tough topics in this 90 minute episode. 

To learn more check out the full podcast, “Ep 3: On the Horizon – Sifting Through the Mess“.

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