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Diving In: Staring at a Terrifying Number

The VOTE 20/20 Initiative is hands down the largest, most complex, and most intimidating project I’ve ever tackled. And I say that as someone who once published a book, released an album, and ran for office in the same year.

When we decided to tackle this it sounded simple enough. Just three parts were “all” that we needed:

  1. A way for people to learn how they can vote, especially if there were different options due to the pandemic.
  2. A place where people can find out who is running for office all in one location.
  3. Some way to flag the candidates who were choosing to be part of the problem – using hate speech, spreading misinformation on purpose – in a way that was factual and sourced.

That should take about a week or two right??

We know based on our research that there are over thirteen thousand candidates running for office right now. Our job is to try and find them and connect to them for you.

Turns out that this stuff is REALLY confusing and hard to find. And in some cases we just can NOT find out answers to some pretty basic questions. Why is it easier for us to find the entire cast of every movie made than it is to find out who is asking to help govern one of the largest nations on the planet?

Even if we attempted to buy “data” about elections, the companies will readily admit that they don’t guarantee that the information is accurate and they really don’t like the idea of us sharing it with you for free.

We know based on our research that there are over thirteen thousand candidates running for office right now. Thirteen THOUSAND. That’s a terrifying number staring at us. And it’s not going to get smaller unless we tackle it head on.

So we decided to bring you along on this journey with us.

You will see us adding information in real time, one piece at a time, no matter what we have to go through to get it for you. We are going to share maps of our progress, sources of where we finally find this information, and observations along the way.

We are going to start with the information we can find at the state level and, as unfair as it might be to Wisconsin and Wyoming, you might notice that we decided to go alphabetically. Then we’ll try to find more about municipal races for the various cities and counties, as well as who you can contact in your area to get involved. One state at a time, one piece of information at a time.

This initiative won’t end in November. As soon as the dust settles from that monumental election it will be time to look at certain cities for mayors races in March or some of our states who will be choosing a new governor in the Fall. But we will learn where to go, who to talk to, and the best way to get you the information that every voter deserves to have at their fingertips.

The bottom line is that it should not be this hard to figure out how to vote and who to vote for. So let’s dive in and work to change all of that… one unpredictable step at a time.

Candidate Center

Vote 20 / 20 Candidate Center Currently in Beta, this national cutting-edge Candidate Center will introduce voters, donors, and volunteers to campaigns of all sizes at every level of government. CANDIDATES:  Want a sneak peek at the Candidate Pages we are including in...

Raquel Terán for State House, Arizona
District 30

Arizona State House About This CandidateNameRaquel TeránStateArizonaOffice SeekingState Representative, District 30Party AffiliationDemocratMapElection DateNovember 3, 2020Connect Send an Email

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