COVID-19 Exposes a Pre-Existing Condition
A Lack of PPE in Hospitals

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Candidate Sky U. White, PLACE Home Top 5, PLACE Posts Trending 3, Video | 0 comments

Sky U. White

CAMPAIGNING DURING A PANDEMIC has unique challenges and countless questions from concerned voters. As a nurse, one candidate in particular is fielding a number of questions related to COVID-19. Shawna Vercher, Executive Producer at Blue Reine, interviewed Sky U. White, a candidate for Hillsborough County Commission District 3, to discuss what people should know about the healthcare community right now.

“I’ve been a nurse for fifteen years and actually personal protection equipment has always been scarce,” White said. She believes that the pandemic has brought this and other existing issues with our healthcare system into focus for the public.

Listen to Sky and Shawna discuss the unique challenges a healthcare worker running for office faces and some of the more uplifting things she is seeing on the campaign trail.

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