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ATTENTION CANDIDATES! Get your message in front of millions of voters, volunteers, and donors.


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Our social media followers, email recipients, and channel subscribers.

Social Reach

How far our social posts are currently traveling based on the strength of our audience.


The readers, viewers, and visitors to our websites, videos, blogs, and reading about us in publications around the globe.


Professional testimonials or personal endorsements of our organization and our leadership team.

We leverage over a dozen media platforms plus thousands of press contacts to ensure that we reach a variety of people – from those actively engaged in politics to first-time voters and donors.

The Top 5 Reasons to Add Your Message to the Candidate Center

The VOTE 20/20 Initiative is designed to connect voters, donors, and supporters to a variety of candidates across the country. Whether it is reaching persuadable voters in your area, generating financial support from people throughout the country, or garnering online volunteers from anywhere on the planet, having your message appear in this highly-publicized Candidate Center will help to grow your campaign at a time when you need it most.

 Accessible for ANY Eligible Candidate*

We’ve intentionally designed this project so that any campaign – small or large, local or national – can participate.

Candidates running for Railroad Commissioner can have their message appear next to someone running for Congress. The costs for this opportunity begin at a few hundred dollars for the entire campaign cycle through November 3rd and it is strictly first come, first placed. If a million dollar campaign comes along, you will never be left out or drowned out.

Media buys promise to be expensive and competitive this year so we have ensured that important races are also going to be amplified so that voters get to know other candidates on the ballot in the Fall.

HERE’S AN IMPORTANT NOTE: No budget yet? No problem. We literally mean EVERY eligible candidate can participate. You will still be listed and have a page in our Candidate Center at no cost so that your voters can find you. Just reach out and make sure that your information is correct so we can add or edit your listing right away.

See How Easy It Is to Share Your Message on Your Budget

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* Blue Reine does not condone and will not advance the notion that hate speech & bigotry are valid political stances. Candidates who have Problematic Behavior against others – particularly a group based on race, religion, gender, or sexuality – will not be eligible to participate on this platform.

See the Type of Information a Voter Will Find on Our Candidate Center

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 A Safe and Effective Way to Reach People During the Pandemic

Let’s face it: traditional campaigning is just not the same now for most of the country. The good news is that we have a great alternative.

Knocking on doors, hosting community events, house parties… for some communities these staples of organizing are not a safe strategy to rely on. But with more people at home, they are consuming more content on their devices than ever before. 

Now is the best time to have your video or platform in front of voters. Not only are they more likely to see it, there are countless reminders to all of us just how important it is to have caring and capable leaders in all roles in our government.

 Visible to New Voters and Donors

Reaching thousands of voters and donors outside of your existing circle may make all of the difference.

Our outreach of your message and the entire Vote 20/20 Initiative is unique in three key ways:

1: Broad Reach

We don’t just draw people to our platform. We leverage over a dozen media tools and hundreds of media contacts to actively meet people where they already are.

2: Receptive Audience

Blue Reine works to engage voters who care enough to vote responsibly, and open enough to hear the message of an unfamiliar candidate.

3: Engaging Content

People donate and vote when they connect with a person and why they are running for office. From the elegant and user-friendly design, to the integrity of our storytelling, our platform encourages people to browse and engage, then share your message with others.

See Where Your Message Could Appear for the World to See

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See How Prominently Your Message Will Appear on This Highly Visible Platform

Reserve Your Placement Now

Your Message Will Be a Part of a Platform You Will Be Proud to Support

Our values – to encourage and enable people to participate more actively in their Democracy – have driven every facet of the VOTE 20/20 Initiative. 

We believe that every American should have access to cast a safe, accessible, and informed vote and this project is an important part of our work to protect those rights during this critical and historic time. When your message appears on Blue Reine, you are sending a clear signal to your community that you support these ideals as well.

PLUS we will make sure your audience knows that you are a fellow advocate for voters by providing you with a VOTE 20/20 Seal to display proudly on your website and materials.

PRO TIP: Reach out to your donors and let them know that you have an opportunity to reach thousands and ask them to give now so that you can increase your visibility even further!

An Alternative to the Status Quo

Now more than ever your voters are looking to see where and how you are spending your campaign dollars.

Reine Media is a social justice media organization first and foremost. We do not allow profit margins to dictate our decisions or drive our behavior. Some of the world’s most prominent brands are refusing to hand their dollars over to companies that do not protect voters from misinformation and hate speech. Blue Reine offers you a safe place to turn. 

We pledge that there will be no attack ads, no click bait, and that we will pull no punches to cut through the misinformation so voters are enabled and inspired to raise their voices at the ballot box and beyond. 

See How Great Your Message Will Look on a Page Filled with Facts

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Do you know an individual or organization who should be a part of the VOTE 20/20 Initiative?

Reach out today by sending an email or calling us at 202-996-0155.

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