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Increase your visibility and fundraising in minutes with 3 easy steps:

  1. Select any Message Placement area indicated in Blue on this page or choose to be one of the Featured Candidates (shown below). 
  2. Decide which Landing Page(s) you would like your Message to appear on. 
  3. Reserve your placement by completing our two-minute Outreach Placement Form. Placement is reserved on a first come, first placed basis.

Reserve your Message Placement for one low rate thru November 3rd and receive your Enhanced Listing in the Candidate Center for FREE!

Reserve your message location in any statewide landing pages to stand out for all other candidates running for your particular office level or in a statewide search. Women and Veteran categories COMING SOON!

  • Top Billboard: $5,000 $4,490 if you reserve by Sept. 1st!
  • Large Billboard: $3,600 $3,190
  • Amplifier A (Skyscraper): $2,400 $2,090
  • Amplifier B (Square): $1,500 $1,290
  • Featured Candidate: $1,000 $890

Placement is on a first come, first served system based on when a reservation for Message Placement is complete. A candidate must be actively running for office in the category to have their campaign message appear on that page.

Option A

Large Billboard

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