Bridging the Gap for Marginalized Communities
Why Sky U White Decided To Run

by | Jun 28, 2020 | Candidate Sky U. White, PLACE Home Featured Bar 4, Video | 0 comments

Sky U. White

WOMEN AND PEOPLE OF COLOR are running for office at higher rates as a way to get involved and represent issues they are passionate about. With all of the sacrifice involved in campaigning, learning what made a person decide to put their name on a ballot is an indicator of what policies they will focus on if elected. Shawna Vercher, Executive Producer at Blue Reine, interviewed Sky U. White, a candidate for Hillsborough County Commission District 3, about what made her decide to run for office and the issues that drew her to seek a County position specifically.

White had been volunteering to bring civil rights classes to youth in her area. “I noticed a big disparity between marginalized communities and other parts of my county,” White stated. After learning more about issues such as affordable housing and inclusive transportation, she decided that she would run for County Commissioner.

In the interview Shawna and Sky discuss how certain county-level issues impact those residents who are most vulnerable and what can be done to make a meaningful difference in any community.

Watch as these two women tackle some of the issues that literally hit home for millions.


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