The Vote 20/20 Initiative is working to make sure you know who is running for EVERY office to ensure you can select leaders that you trust.

The Vote 20/20 Initiative

The VOTE 20/20 Initiative enables voters to learn who is running for office so that, no matter if the position is local or national, these candidates are more than a list of names on a ballot.

Recent events have highlighted the importance of selecting capable, caring, and courageous leadership in positions that many of us did not pay attention to before now. At the same time, it’s much more difficult to connect with candidates in a safe manner. While the airwaves will be full of polished ads for the splashiest races, we all need an opportunity to see the personality and priorities of everyone who is asking for our vote.

The largest project of its kind, the VOTE 20/20 Initiative will provide useful information about candidates based on what we can find, cultivate, or create so that you can fill out your entire ballot with confidence.


Candidates can share information about themselves, be interviewed for the magazine or channel, and connect you directly to their websites, fundraising pages, and social accounts. Throughout the project we will also provide opportunities for them to share specific information about themselves, such as why they are choosing to run for public office right now.


We will be providing information about how to vote safely, inviting you to share information about candidates we should be highlighting as part of the project, and also connecting you to organizations who are actively working right now to ensure that every voice is heard on Election Day.

Businesses & Organizations

We are partnering with businesses and organizations who are working to assist voters, or looking to fund those efforts. Right now we can elevate your visibility to gain support from our audience to grow your platform and your financial support. Contact our Outreach Team to see how we can include your brand in this nationally-acclaimed initiative.

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